EaseMyApp | Mobility Solution For Service Organization - Service Organization Mobile Application
Service Organization simplified with Mobile. Mobilize your service field organization to get real time assignment updates from field staff. Manage task and many more on mobile, get enterprise mobility solution for organization.
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Business Problem


No update on recent service assignments


Unable to prioritize and schedule service visits based on urgency


Communication gaps between service teams and customers


Limited or new view of service related documents e.g Warranty


Limited analysis of possible failures on field


No visibility of past events


Service delay because of unavailability of parts and materials

Proposed Solution


Notification Management


Simplified management of assignment to field staff


Complete visibility of all documents e.g Warranty, bills etc.


Comprehensive control with real time updates


Be updated with most recent notifications from the field


Quick identification and response due to prioritized and scheduled requests


Convert notifications into work orders and work assignments according to prioritized orders

Plan and Track


Real time tracking of field execution


Ability to identify failures and hinderance in field execution


Real time interaction with field team leading to easily track status


In map view status of requested services in order to track progress of service execution

Service Execution


Easy management of service assignments to field technicians


In map and listed view of requested services enables you to prioritize work


Real time inventory check enhances efficient use of time and material


Visibility of past events to improvise on service requests

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