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Enterprise Mobility Solution as enabled us to transform the businesses on the cloud based App platform. Mobile solutions play an important role in engaging members and enabling efficient ways of managing products. Also it gives greater accuracy of information real time shipment and vehicle tracking, ensuring quality and quality control and mobilization of on demand data.

Business Problem


Inability of sales officer to plan and strategize the sales funnel


Lack of view of product inventory with dealer ecosystem


Unable to collaborate with sales team peers


Inability to get product feedback from distributors/dealers


Unable to personalise the dealer’s experience – customer specific discounts/offering


No view of recommendation on prospective product sales to dealers


Unable to effective plan the sales route


No minimal view on pending collections or paying pattern

Proposed Solution


Order visibility leading to improved production planning


Comprehensive view of sales achievements and pattern for effective sales funnel planning


View of payments and collection to design sales call route


Ability to personalize dealer’s experience knowing its order trends – customer specific discounts and offers


Improved product quality and services due to feedback from dealers

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