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EasemyApp offers Healthcare Mobility Solutions for healthcare enterprises. Our mobility solution includes online patient monitoring, e heath platforms to manage your healthcare requirement.
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Mobility solutions can enable efficient patient care, improve response time, enhance workflow efficiency and increase patient through put, while reducing cost and risks. Much of the information previously conveyed via paper has gone electronic – orders, test results, diagnoses, consultation notes etc.

 Business problem


No interactive interface to communicate with doctors and hospital


Limited visibility over different plans and policies


No view of new health tips and news


Unable to get notifications and reminders for medication, refill, appointment


No comparison among preferred plans making it difficult to identify your best fit

 Proposed solution




Ability to manage individual and family healthcare plans


Control over privacy settings, contact information


E-mail, telephonic interaction with experts from anywhere


Access to prescriptions, health notes and on demand consulting


Get medication reminders in in variety of time intervals


Acquire updated prescription and health information based on your ongoing health input



Locate and identify facilities like hospitals, pharmacies, urgent cares


 Access to information about plans – friendly doctor- patient relation labels, facilities provided, cost.


 Ability to call desired specialists to check the medication availability


 Flexibility to change plans according to ongoing health issues



Comparison of different health plans and information exchange facility.


Get current status of your plan request and notifications on request confirmation.


Get suggestions from other members about preferred plans.


Direct contact to plan agents and representatives

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